If your practice involves discovery, chances are you have been on the receiving end (and maybe the dispensing end) of prolix boilerplate general objections in response to interrogatories or document demands.  Whatever logic may have led to the development of a laundry list of blasé general objections, courts have made clear that they are ineffective

Recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will significantly alter the discovery proceedings in bankruptcy proceedings, particularly in adversary proceedings. See Fed. R. Bankr. P. Part VII (applying FRCP to adversary proceedings) and Rule 9014(c) (applying FRCP to most contested matters). While not intended to be a comprehensive analysis, below are some key

Boomerang Systems, Inc. Et Al.
Boomerang Systems, Inc. (BMER, OTCBB), a developer of automated parking systems, and three
of its affiliates have filed chapter 11 petitions in Delaware. (Note: This filing does not appear to
be related to Boomerang Tube). The docket and other information about the case is available
through Garden City Group at