Hercules Offshore, Inc. (Nasdaq: HERO) and thirteen affiliates have filed chapter 11 petitions before the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Lead Case No. 16-11385).  The debtors have filed a pre-packaged chapter 11 plan through which they will wind down their businesses.  The debtors will seek to have their disclosure statement approved at the same time the pre-packaged plan is confirmed and have filed a motion to set a bar date for claims.  The petitions (including the consolidated list of top 35 unsecured creditors), the first day declaration and the docket are available through Prime Clerk.  The debtors have issued a press release regarding their wind down process.

The following is a list of the debtors and their individual case numbers.

16-11385         Hercules Offshore, Inc. (2016)
16-11386         Cliffs Drilling Company
16-11387         Cliffs Drilling Trinidad L.L.C.
16-11388         FDT LLC
16-11389         FDT Holdings LLC
16-11390         Hercules Drilling Company, LLC
16-11391         Hercules Offshore Services LLC
16-11392         Hercules Offshore Liftboat Company LLC
16-11393         HERO Holdings, Inc.
16-11394         SD Drilling LLC
16-11395         THE Offshore Drilling Company
16-11396         THE Onshore Drilling Company
16-11397         TODCO Americas Inc.
16-11398         TODCO International Inc.

Contact Norman L. Pernick, Nicholas J. Brannick, or David W. Giattino for more information.